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ANSYS Workbench   Total Duration : 80 Hours

Session 1Chapter 1: Introduction to CAE

· Introduction to CAE
· General working of FEA
· Elements and Element Shapes
· General procedure to conduct FEA
· FEA software
· Key Assumptions in FEA
· Types of Engineering Analysis
· Important terms and definitions
· Classification of materials

Chapter 2: Introduction to ANSYS Workbench

System requirements

· Starting ANSYS Workbench 14.0
· ANSYS Workbench 14.0 GUI
· Working on a Project
· Units in ANSYS Workbench
· ANSYS Workbench Database and File format
· Changing the unit system
· Components of the system

Chapter 3: Sketching and Part Modeling in DesignModeler

Introduction to Modeling

· Introduction to Design Modeler Window
· Illustration1: I-section
· Illustration 2: Spring Plate
· Illustration 3: Clamp

Session 2Chapter 4: Solid Modeling Fundamentals

· Overview
· Introduction
· Extrusion
· Revolution
· Sweep
· Sketching

Chapter 5: Placed Features and Assembly


· Introduction
· Adding a hole
· Adding a round
· Adding a chamfer
· Patterns
· Assembly
· Alternate solid modeler

Session 3Chapter 6: Modeling techniques


· Introduction
· Parameters
· Other cad systems
· Surface and Line models

Chapter 7: Defining Material Properties

Introduction to Engineering Workspace

· Creating and Adding Materials
· Assigning Material to the Beam
· Assigning Material to the Clamp
· Assigning Material to the Assembly

Session 4Chapter 8: Meshing

· Introduction
· Meshing of Plate with Holes
· Generating the mesh, optimize the model and generating the local mesh (illustration through three examples)
· Assembly Meshing

Session 5Chapter 9: Static Structural Analysis

Introduction to Static Structural Analysis

· Pre-processing
· Solution
· Post-processing
· Static Structural Analysis of:
. Cantilever Beam
. Plate with a central circular holes
. Plate with a square slot
. Pressure vessel
. Bracket
. Clevis assembly

Session 6Chapter 10: Wizard and Tools


· Introduction
· Static loadings-ductile materials
· Static loadings-Brittle materials
· Fatigue loading-ductile material

Chapter 11: Surface and Line Model


· Introduction
· Sheet with circular hole-plane stress
· Pressure vessel
· Bracket
· Line body model

Session 7Chapter 12: Natural Frequencies


· Introduction
· Performing the Modal analysis
· Specifying analysis settings
· Modal analysis :
o Cantilever beam
o Simply supported beam
o Chime
o Connecting rod
o Motor cover

o Assembly

Session 9Chapter 14: Thermal Analysis


· Important terms used in thermal analysis
· Types of thermal analysis
· Steady state thermal analysis of
o Car Disk Brake Rotor
o Heat sink
· Transient thermal analysis of Piston

Session 10Chapter 15: Thermal Stress


· Thermal stress-uniform temperature change
· Thermal stress in a cylinder

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