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CAESAR II Training

Static Analysis

• Piping code theory basics
• Primary and secondary stresses
• Creating input data
• Design for piping loads
• Modeling of piping systems in CAESAR II
• Editing the model
• Supporting of piping systems (support types)
• Sustained and expansion stresses
• Design code requirements (e.g. B31.3, B31.1)
• Assorted modeling, analysis and compliance topics:
• Resolution of overstress due to thermal expansion
• Friction effects
• Adding flexible connections (vessels)
• Assessing equipment allowable loads
• Combining piping systems
• Load case combinations
• Modeling and analysis of a transmission line
• Modeling and analysis of a jacketed riser
• List/edit modeling, jacketed pipe, wind and hydrodynamic loading
• Static seismic loads
• Analysis documentation and static analysis workshop
• Model generation, system evaluation, system re-design

Basic Stress Analysis

• Basic stress concept
• Role of Stress Engineer
• Basic Stress Stain Theories
• Basic Engineering concepts required for stress analysis
• Theories of failure
• Concept of stress Range
• Load Cases
• Code Compliance for ASME B31.3
• Different types & functions of Pipe support
• Design system for Sustain, Expansion & Occasional Loading
• Nomograph
• Pipe Rack Loading
• Support span Calculations
• Preparing stress Critical line list
• Stress System formation
• Overview of Caesar II software
• Equipment Modeling
• Column Piping System
• Spring design & Modeling in CAESAR II
• Column-heat exchanger model
• Column-heat exchanger model

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