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Start your Auto-CAD by double clicking on the icon of Auto-CAD(appeared on desktop),then set the views either classical or drafting & annotation view.
If background color is white and you want to change it…..then follow the following steps :-

OP ↩ (enter)
Click on display
select desired color

Note :- you have to press enter button after each command.Space button is also used for the same purpose.

Now set your working page size as follows :-

Limmax ↩ (enter)
Example :-200,200……enter

Set your unit(Decimal,Architecture……..)

UN ↩ (enter)
Type :- Decimal
Precision:- 0.00(Or what you want)
Unit :- mm

Dimension Style Manager

D ↩ (enter)
Click on Modify,then
Primary Units…Decimal
Precision….0.00(Or what you want)
You can also change the color of dimension line and extension to differentiate them….Arrow style,text size….etc

Start Drawing with Line command

Select the view (TOP/FRONT/SIDE)
L ↩ (enter)
Define start point either by clicking or by co-ordinate system then give the linear value and angular value.

Example :-
shift@linear vale shift @100,<0…enter
@100,<270…enter OR C…enter.

How to check the dimension of line,radius of circle,angle…..etc?

Click on dimension
click on linear
click on start point of line then end point of line….then drag it and click it as per need.

For angular dimension
click on angular


Rec ↩ (enter)
Define start point either 0,0…enter OR by clicking.
Select option[Area/Dimensions/Rotation]
for area…
define area(example:- 625)…enter
give the value of either length or width (Example:-25)…enter

Note :- If you want to draw the rectangle with certain degree of rotation then just after defining the start point,select R…enter,give the angular value…enter(Ex:-30…enter),then select “a” for area OR “d” for dimension and give desired value.

Rec ↩ (enter)
for chamfer
define first chamfer distance…enter(ex :-5..enter),this is for X-Axis
second chamfer distance…enter(ex:-3..enter),this is for Y-Axis.
Now define start point (Ex:-0,0…enter) OR by clicking and follow the same step as mentioned as above.

For fillet/ thickness/width
select the option…..enter
give numerical value…enter
define start point of rectangle and follow the same step as mention above…

For Elevation…

Draw a reference line
give the value for elevation(ex :-15)..enter
Now define start point of rectangle(Start point of line),drag it and click on end point of line.

How to check the Thickness/Elevation….?

Just click on front view and measure the distance between them.


C ↩ (enter)
define center point either by clicking or by co-ordinate system (0,0)…enter
give the value of radius/dia….enter

For 2 points/3 points circle

C ↩ (enter)
click on given two points and for three points just click on all three points

For TTR(Tan Tan Radius)

C ↩ (enter)
click on both objects then give the value of radius

For TTT(Tan Tan Tan)

Click on Draw from main tool bar
click on circle
select TTT Option
click on all three objects.


A ↩ (enter)
define start point and give the value of radius


pol ↩ (enter)
define number of sides….enter
define centre point….enter(by clicking or co-ordinate system)
select option either inscribed in a circle/circumscribed about circle(i or c)…enter
give the value of radius…enter

How to use edge option in polygon….?

pol ↩ (enter)
define number of sides…enter
e…enter for edge
define start point by clicking or co-ordinate system and then give the linear value.


Pl ↩ (enter)
define start point then use option as per requirement


H ↩ (enter)
click on Add pick point or select object
then define type pattern and angle ….

For Gradient
click on gradient
select color and define draw order…


B ↩ (enter)
Define Block name
Select Object & define pick point

Insert Block…..?

I ↩ (enter)
define block name
insertion point,scale factor,angle….etc


El ↩ (enter)
define both axis


La ↩ (enter)
click on create new layer
define all details of object… terms of Name/Color/Line type…etc

Modify Tools

How to trim the extended line…..?

Tr ↩ (enter) (Twice)
Then click on that part which is to be cut.


Co ↩ (enter)
select the object…enter
click on start point then click on destination point
For exit…use Esc button.


Mi ↩ (enter)
select object…enter
define axis start point and end point….enter
select option (erase source object or not)
Y ↩ (enter) for erase source object
N ↩ (enter) for not erasing source object


M ↩ (enter)
select object…enter
click on start point then click on destination point
For exit…use Esc button.


Ar ↩ (enter)
select array type (Polar/Rectangular/Path)

For Polar:-select object then define centre point then number of items and angle of rotation

For Rectangular array :- select object then define no of Rows & Columns then Row offset & column offset then angle of array

For Path :- Select object, define number of objects then select path…OK


Sc ↩ (enter)
select object…specify base point..specify scale factor OR copy OR reference….


Br ↩ (enter)
F…enter for first break point
then define second break point


J ↩ (enter)
select objects…enter


O ↩ (enter)
specify offset distance(ex-5)…enter
select object then click on desired side.
For exit…use Esc button.


Ex ↩ (enter)(Twice)
Click on the line
Note:- If you want to extend right side then click on right side from the mid point and for the reverse side.

Drawings for practice :-

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