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PDMS History

• What was before PDMS
• Inventor of PDMS
• Requirement of PDMS in Piping Industry

Role &Responsibility of PDMS users in EPC

• Working level hierarchy
• Responsibility of PDMS Administrator
• Role& Responsibility of PDMS Engineer
• Role& Responsibility of PDMS Designer

Equipment Modeling

• Equipment Modeling by Primitive method
• Equipment Modeling by Standard method
• Equipment modeling
Pump modeling
Heat exchanger modeling
Tower modeling
Drum modeling
Vessel modeling
• Nozzle Manipulation
• Equipment& Nozzle report extraction

Piping modeling

• Piping modeling by connect method
• Piping Modification
• Consistency check
• Clash check
• Line report extraction
• Piping Modeling by explicitly Method
• Instrumentand special items
• Slope Piping

Structural Modeling

• Structural of Different Types of Platforms rectangular & circular
• Structural Modeling Stairs/Ladders
• Linear Member System

Isometric extraction

• Isometric Extraction.
• Error Resolving


• Draft Extraction
• Draft Dimensioning Tagging Labeling


Transformation Features 

  • Translating Bodies
  • Rotating Bodies 
  • Creating Symmetry Features
  • Transforming the Axis System Mirroring Features and Bodies
  • Creating Rectangular Patterns
  • Creating Circular Patterns
  • Creating User Patterns
  • Uniform Scaling of Model
  • Non-uniform Scaling of Model 

Working with Additional Bodies

  • Inserting a New Body 
  • Inserting Features in the New Body
  • Applying Boolean Operations to Bodies 
  • Adding Stiffeners to a Model
  • Generating Solid Combine

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